How To Decorate A Beach House

How To Decorate A Beach House

Summer is just around the corner. With school ending soon, it’s time to think about family vacations. Our family’s favorite vacation spots usually involves a lake or ocean front cottage.

A nice way to bring that summer feeling into your home year-round, is to decorate your home with a Beach House in mind. You can turn any home into a coastal cottage by introducing nautical decor colors and items from the sea.  Keep reading to learn how to decorate a beach house.

Beach House Decor Ideas

Here are a few ideas to help you make your home a Beach House:

  • Use seaside colors like crisp white, sand, spa blue, teal or turquoise for walls, furniture and accessories.
  • Hang airy, light-weight window treatments.
  • Add nautical decor architectural features like built-in beds and cabinetry.
  • Replace carpeting with lighter, bleached wood flooring.
  • Hang light fixtures or add lamps made from natural materials such as driftwood, coral or shells.
  • Introduce white-painted bead board to the walls or ceilings.
  • Add texture using area rugs made from natural sisal or jute.
  • Hang seascape artwork on the walls where you don’t have a nice view.
  • Purchase rattan, driftwood or wicker furniture.
  • Use lots of blue and white striped cushions, throw pillows, rugs or window treatments.

Finish off your beach home decor with lots of nautical, beachy and seaside accessories like:

  • Brass Port Hole Mirrors
  • Models of Ships
  • Sea Shells, Star Fish
  • Accent pieces of natural coral, sea glass or driftwood.

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Let K. Jillian Designs help you turn these “Beachy” ideas into reality before summer arrives.

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