Designing Outdoor Living Spaces

Designing Outdoor Living Spaces

One of the “hottest” trends this spring and summer is Outdoor Living Spaces. It doesn’t matter if you have a tiny balcony off your first apartment or an acre of land, a fabulous outdoor living area is within your reach. Amazing patio designs can be as simple as a bistro table for 2 or as awe inspiring as an outdoor kitchen, dining ensemble and sitting area for 20.

Outdoor Living Spaces

There are several factors that can turn a hum-drum backyard into your oasis when returning from a long day at work. These are:

  • Shelter
  • Privacy
  • Lighting
  • Area Rugs
  • Food Prep
  • Dining and Sitting Areas
  • Accessories.

Patio Ideas

Typically we begin with a shelter; such as a solid roof, an open pergola, retractable awning or an over-sized, cantilever umbrella. A solid roof is best for expanding your interior space outdoors. Higher quality furnishings, TV’s and outdoor kitchens do best with this type of shelter. Shaded pergolas covered with ivy can create a more natural, organic feel. Retractable awnings and umbrellas can be opened on really sunny days.

Privacy is imperative when designing an outdoor living space. There are several ways to create a more intimate setting. A wood or bamboo privacy fence, large trees or bushes and outdoor-grade draperies are all perfect solutions.

Ceiling fans with lights, hanging party lights and accent lighting can allow you to utilize your outdoor living space at night as well as during the day. They also add interest and help create a mood or style.

Outdoor area rugs are a great way to separate a large patio into smaller spaces; such as a kitchen, dining or sitting area. It can truly bring an indoor, homey feel to your outside living space.

No one wants to be left out of the party. An outdoor kitchen is a nice place to prepare a meal while your friends and family join you for a cold beverage. Outdoor kitchens with a refrigerator, stove, grill and running water are more popular than ever right now. Cooking outdoors helps keep your home cooler and can cut down on your A/C electric bill.

There are more choices for outdoor dining and sitting area furnishing than ever. You can purchase weather-resistant furniture collections that include: tables, chairs, chase lounges, bars, sofas and love seats that will make your outdoor living area more cohesive.

Outdoor Living Area

Designing Outdoor Living Spaces - Tampa Interior Designs - K Jillian Designs

A great way to to finish off Outdoor Living Spaces is by incorporating accessories in your patio designs. It is also a nice opportunity to personalize your space by displaying your interests and hobbies. These include: large, potted plants, smaller table-top plants, wood or ceramic statues and outdoor-grade wall decorations.

Let K. Jillian Designs help you turn your boring backyard into a little piece of heaven you can’t wait to come home to.

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