How to Get More Bookings

How to Get More Bookings

Are you looking to get more bookings for your vacation rental?

Interior design plays a major role in filling up your vacation rental. A lot of people make their ultimate decision based on photos alone. You can take practical steps to improve your rental’s interior and take nicer pictures in turn.

Better-designed and more beautiful rentals receive nicer reviews. These reviews help you get more positive attention and win more bookings throughout the season. It’s an important strategy since the vacation rental sector has stiff competition, explains TrustHome Properties.

Now we are going over the top interior design tips to make your vacation rental more “bookable”. Use the following suggestions to improve your rental’s interior and make the property more desirable among travelers.

#1: Make your walls come alive

Too many vacation rentals opt for blank walls nowadays. The result isn’t inviting and could make the whole property look a bit sterile. This improvement doesn’t have to be expensive. Just go to your local flea market and find things that could cover those blank walls.

You don’t have to cover your walls with artwork. Many pieces of decor can make your rental’s walls come alive. Your vacation listing will get extra points for wall decor that is inspired by the symbols and mainstays of your region.

#2: Add a sense of personality to your rental

People on vacation aren’t necessarily expecting a rental space that could be anywhere in the world. A touch of personality is something that a lot of travelers value and even keep in mind when picking their holiday accommodation.

Allow the visitors to see the surroundings through your eyes. “Like a local” is an important trend that you shouldn’t ignore. Add little touches here and there that show who you are and what life is like in your area.

#3: Purchase high-quality furnishings

High-quality furnishings look good and offer superior durability. Too many vacation rental owners pick low-quality furnishing to save money. However, this isn’t a sustainable option.

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Cheaper furnishings acquire wear and tear much quicker. You’ll have to cash out on new decor and furniture sooner. Plus, the worn and outdated items will majorly decrease the modern traveler’s appeal.

#4: Declutter the living spaces

There is a huge difference between personal touches and personal clutter. You should aim to declutter the rental space to the widest extent possible. When you have a lot of clutter lying around, the renter’s satisfaction plunges immediately.

#5: Improve the rental’s layout

The layout plays an important role in the success of your vacation rental. When you are improving the property’s layout, focus on how your guests are going to use the various rooms.

For instance, the living room is all about relaxing and nice conversations after a long day of sightseeing. When all the furniture is unevenly spread out, you are going to stop the natural flow of how people would like to use the rental space. Make adjustments according to your renters’ needs.

#6: Invest in houseplants

You are never going to disappoint the travelers when you have beautiful, leafy houseplants all over the rental. Pick plants that are easy to maintain and provide maximum appeal for your guests.

Don’t forget to take and upload pictures that showcase your little garden. You could land some bookings just by showing that your rental has a variety of lush houseplants alone.

#7: Zero in on the details

How to get more bookings for your vacation rental | Tampa Interior Design | K Jillian Designs
Small details make a great difference. As your guests spend time in the rental space, they can slowly discover little secrets that may not appear to them at first glance.

These thoughtful touches may be practical, aesthetic, or both. For instance, you could leave some high-quality organic tea in the kitchen, a little note on the pillow, or a beautiful bouquet on the living room table. The possibilities here are endless.

In a nutshell

Interior design touch-ups can make your vacation rental more desirable for travelers. When your interior design is spot on, you’ll receive more bookings, better reviews, and a higher number of returning vacationers.

Here are our top suggestions for boosting your interior design for more bookings:

  • Declutter your living spaces for a cleaner, airier atmosphere.
  • Add decor or artwork to plain and empty walls to boost aesthetic appeal.
  • Focus on small details that your guests can discover throughout their stay.
  • Don’t be afraid to add personality to your vacation rental, people love that local feeling.
  • Purchase low-maintenance, yet beautiful houseplants that change your property’s look.
  • Opt for high-quality furnishings that are durable and look better on photos.
  • Change your holiday rental’s layout based on the needs of your guests.