K. Jillian’s work is in a word – PHENOMENAL!

She completely transformed the look and the energy of my living room. Prior to working with Keysha, my living room was a drab color I picked myself (I’m clueless in this area) and I had random, non-matching decorations I picked up over the years. I never wanted to have people come over because my living space simply didn’t reflect who I am and my energy.

Keysha came in with a smile and a vision. She consulted with me and asked my input and for examples of what I like and after that she went to work to work her magic. She worked within my budget and found all of the perfect art pieces, the paint for my walls, the light fixtures – everything! Set up day was like my birthday! I spend so much more time in my living room space now and have gotten so many compliments on the perfection that my space is.

I can’t wait to have Keysha come in and do the rest of my place. I HIGHLY recommend her expertise and warm presence to transform your space and your world. A worthy investment indeed!

Bridgette S.